Burn 24-7

Burn 24-7 Tyneside is part of the international Burn 24-7 movement who host monthly, sometimes weekly or even daily sessions of continuous worship and prayer that last anywhere from 4 hours upwards and have Burn ‘furnaces’ all over the UK and various other countries in the world.

At our Burn 24-7 Tyneside events, worship teams from different churches take shifts to worship with worshippers who, as intercessors and artists, pray and create as the Holy Spirit leads during the meeting and contend for God’s presence and revival across the churches to transform our towns, cities and nation.

If you are interested in hearing more about Burn events, please just ask me or contact me through the contact form on this site (select ‘Burn 24-7’ in the category drop-down):

Lynne Gowland

Burn 24-7 Tyneside director