The Bay Church Mandate December 2021

The Bay is a community of believers with the leading of Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit at its centre. The Bay is an oasis of God’s love where we are restored and equipped to discover and walk in our heavenly calling, destiny and purpose on the earth each day. Our daily YES to Jesus transforms our lifestyle so that we look like our God-given heavenly shape. The Bay is a place where we can truly find our identity in Christ.

As citizens of heaven The Bay is a gateway for heavenly encounters and the angelic, a place where we are set free from those things that would bind us. The Bay is a place where we can dream again with God; where we are connected to the supernatural realm to access divine creativity for all aspects of our lives.

The Bay is a place where we are overwhelmed by the love of God and not the things of the world. It is a safe space for everyone, where there is hope, recuperation & restoration for the broken and where we are made whole in God’s love. It is a house where people are loved for who they are, a place to call home. As children of the living God and united in Jesus, The Bay is a place where we are woven together into God’s love; together we seek first the presence of God and not performance and platform for ourselves. It’s a house where the body gathers to offer praise and worship, our gifts and skills, our prayer and intercession; a place to love and serve one another and the wider community outside the church as our activities reflect this mandate, which itself continues to grow, evolve and mature.

We acknowledge and recognise the role of the five-fold ministry gifts and the streams that flow from them to shape us and help us to draw deeply on the Kingdom of God. We believe that heavenly revelation is the catalyst for transformation and reformation and we will passionately contend to see this in people, to change the land, the region and the nation. The Bay is therefore a place for training and equipping, for raising up and sending out, to transform and change the spiritual climate where God has placed us. Focused on pleasing God, the Bay does not readily blend in; instead, it is a launchpad and beacon for Kingdom of God change, to the region and nation.