Community Spirit in tough times

There have been numerous stories of people starting WhatsApp groups for their street. In one particular street, over 20 people/families joined.  A neighbour messaged to say that she’d lived there for 20 yrs, and had never known such community spirit as there is now. 

Even during lockdown, it’s possible to grow community, so people see the length, breadth, height and depth of Jesus’ love for them, which is “endless and beyond measurement”. 

This is the quite lovely 🌈 in the window of the couple living adjacent to our house.  We posted a card, saying how much we liked their rainbow.  The young Mam called across the road to Gerry yesterday, saying how the card brought a tear to her eye. 

I also called on a couple two doors away, who tend to be quite reclusive, just to check they were OK and in need of anything. This is a time for building bridges.  Bridges make it possible for Father God’s love to flow. 

Learning to Trust FatherGod in a situation where there is respite, but seemingly no resolution, at least in this life…

Due to Alzheimer’s, my Mum’s response to any changes in routine, causes her considerable problems. That’s been massively exaggerated in response to COVID 19. 

Recently mum ‘hid’ her front door key, to keep it safe. However, she forgot where it was. I eventually found it.  But a couple of days later, it went missing again.  I’ve prayed, declared and searched, but at time of writing, it’s still not found. For a couple of days mum was on the phone in tears, as I had to leave her locked in. (There’s a key in an outside lockbox for carers, who give her daily meds). It has been quite devastating to see her so upset.

My Daddy God can’t fail or act out of anything but love, but this has been a struggle.  Then, one morning as I made my way to mum’s, with worship music in my ears, peace returned to my heart and a fresh realisation that “Every detail of our lives is continually woven together to fit into God’s perfect plan of bringing good into our lives”.

She was in a much better place that evening when she rang. 


Aloha Bay Church Ohana!

My name is Hawaiian for “to praise”, “to worship” and “the beloved of heaven.”

I write to flow in the meaning of my name and share what He is doing in Hawai’i!!!  Just gotta praise Him!!!  I praise God for putting Bay Church in my God journey!  Although I may not be at the Sunday service, I hold you all close to my heart and continually pray for increased manifestation of His presence, divine provision and health in each one’s life.  Your prayers, praise and love for Jesus continues to bring the Lord’s will on earth in Hawai’i as it is in heaven!  Mahalo nui loa!!!

Thank you, Peter Wigglesworth for your recent message, “Out with the Old!” This is exactly what I released the night before to leadership at Kawaiaha’o Church, the first church established by American Missionaries on Oahu island 200 years ago.  It was such a God-hug and personal encouragement to receive this confirmation!  My God assignment here is to love God’s children out of religion into relationship and identity! Praise God for His faithfulness and attention to tiny details! His timing is perfect!

Another praise report!!!

Unity and God’s Provision:

On the April 6th, the director of the homeless Veterans support in Hawai’i and Guam asked if anyone could help to make masks for 150 homeless veterans.  At the Lord’s prompting, I volunteered.  God provided funds and supplies (in this season of bear shelves) for us to make 4,200 disposable, 6 filter layered masks so that each vet would be protected for a month.  It was a work of the Holy Spirit as He touched 3 members to share the opportunity to serve with their friends.  Members from 4 churches and the University of Hawaii InterVarsity Ministry took time out to protect men who served to protect us!!!  Hallelujah!!!  All glory and honour to God alone!!! It is a beautiful example of the Bride of Christ coming together AsOne at the sound of His voice. GLORY!!! HALLELUJAH!!!  God blessed the volunteers as well as the veterans!

Again, thank you for your prayers for God opened the door for a 2 hour God-encounter Zoom time of praise, intimate worship, the word on depth, width, breath of God’s love, who He says we are in the Word, and activation activities to apply and live being His answer in John 17:21-23… AsOne in Him.  HALLELUJAH!!! HOLY SPIRIT HAVE YOUR WAY!!!

God hugs, ohana o Ke Akua (‘Family of God’) @ The Bay!

Mililani – friend of The Bay Church

Lockdown Creativity

Although isolation has been difficult, it has also presented opportunities for fresh/increased creativity.  Three weeks ago, at the Friday Isolation Revelation, Amelia suggested I consider turning my heart pictures of an Iceberg and Holy Spirit as a Miner into an illustration.  Drawing has never been my thing particularly, but I felt that I should just do it. I’ve learned so much, including not to be distracted by secondary things, like playing on my computer.

I learned it was no good hurrying.  Which I did, and made many mistakes.  So it was praying, thinking (great fun), then working steadily, almost in a meditative fashion.  Likewise, Daddy God is in no hurry.  We can fail so often, but “all things are being woven together, to fit into God’s perfect plan.” The errors I made eventually enhanced the picture.

My focus was on being one, in relationship with each other, reflecting the relationship of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Of course, the Trinity is not going to get it wrong, as we tend to.  It goes beyond our failures though.  Jesus prayed, “That they may be one, even as We are one”!  The more I encounter Father God’s Heart for myself, the more I can share His heart with those I meet.  It’s a flow, a fountain, bursting out from within us. 

I suppose that when you consider that the creator of the whole universe lives in us it shouldn’t be a surprise that we are able to be creative, way beyond our natural ability. 


Wed evening 28th Apr

I was getting ready to pray and asking God what I should pray about Whitley Bay and He reminded me about a house group I’d read about years ago that met in Cullercoats in the late Nineteenth or Early Twentieth Century.  They prayed for revival among their  neighbours until they had sufficient numbers to build St Margaret’s Church.  God then went on to remind me about the Temperance Movement that was very active in Whitley Bay.  There were a few Temperance Hotels in Whitley Bay – the now demolished Avenue pub had been one.  He talked about that even though many might have prayed simply to change their neighbours’ behaviour there was also a great deal of fervent prayer offered up for His kingdom to come in Whitley Bay.

He showed me a picture of an old, seemingly dead, root and when I turned it round in my hand there was a small, green shoot growing from the side.  He then reminded me of the clematis we have against our back wall.  I had chopped it down ready to uproot but it then got left and covered up. 

For years it looked dead. 

Here is a picture of what happened.

I prayed for new shoots from old roots for Whitley Bay.  We’re not starting this.  Many fervent Christians have gone before us and sowed good seed.  Maybe we just have to water hard ground.

Dave W