The Father Heart of God

What a brilliant way for us as a church family to kick off this new decade… intentionally exploring what it means for God to be our Father!  Is there a more important subject in our Christian journey?

Of the vast number of Biblical names for God, the title that probably causes the most offence even among different faiths is ‘Father’.  It is utterly unthinkable to many that God would permit such blatant familiarity, and yet not only does He tolerate this level of intimacy, He actually ordained it!  From the very beginning God desired relationship with us.  He was never looking for servants.  He established Himself as our Father, and today, He still wants sons and daughters who know how to simply be in His presence.

We have the greatest privilege… being His children and revealing Him as the perfect Father.  We are chosen, beloved sons and daughters, adopted by God.  Through intimacy with the Lord this life-changing, all-consuming, unconditional love of the Heavenly Father brings security, rest to the soul, vision, purpose, value and so much more!  We were created for deep connection and oneness with the Lord.

While some may be appalled by this notion, tragically some even within the church struggle to grasp the full weight of being God’s child.  Imagine… What would our lives look like if we understood and embraced all it means to be Fathered by the Almighty God?!  Every aspect of our lives would be transformed, and our society couldn’t help but encounter His love.

What joy and freedom there is to be part of this faith founded on the love and intimacy of the most loving Father – it’s enough to break my brain when I try to contemplate the magnitude of it.  However, thankfully, often our hearts can go places our heads aren’t ready for yet.  Holy Spirit loves to lead a yielded heart into an experience the brain can’t explain or articulate.
Together, let’s engage our hearts with God’s as we realise we don’t need to strive for acceptance or approval, but instead pursue the greatest love relationship ever.